In response to Covid 19, we are looking to offer additional support to local farmers and to promote the consumption of local produce

In the past the AIPF has supported 

  • An educational programme for 200 children to learn about growing local fruit and vegetables, including learning about making honey with a local producer of Black Sicilian Bees. The main produce are seasonal: cabbages, potatoes, salad, broad beans, strawberries. 
  • A social mill for the growers of Stromboli, to be able to produce their own olive oil. 3,500 of olives have been harvested this year into 450 kg of olive oil. 
  • The development of a brand for the responsible fishermen from Salina and Stromboli. These fishermen signed up to a responsible fishing voluntary code of conduct and were given ice machines and reusable insulated fish boxes to improve the quality and freshness of their catch.
  • A guide to raise awareness about the Aeolian archipelago’s commercial marine species and traditional local recipes was distributed to 22 restaurants. An infographic poster displaying the local fish specialities and seasons was created for the restaurants.

Read about our involvement in this campaign!

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