Sri Lankan students trained as forest guardians

The Wilderness & Wildlife Conservation Trust (WWCT) launched the Forest Guardians of Dunkeld earlier this year. It is the Lanka Environment Fund‘s first grant since setting up last year. The Dunkeld school sits at the base of the proposed Peak Ridge Forest Corridor in the Central Highlands. As recipients of LEF’s terrestrial ecosystem conservation grant, WWCT selected a group of students from the school to act as conservation stewards. This group of students was responsible for planting a number of endemic trees around their school and will be empowered with knowledge to spread awareness amongst the community. They also partake in habitat restoration work in the immediate vicinity of their community.

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The Lanka Environment Fund have launched a crowd funding campaign, if you’ve ever enjoyed a holiday in Sri Lanka please support our work. There is a growing pipeline of projects needing funding from forestry protection and restoration, to sustainable fisheries to marine plastics.



Credit: Yanik Tissera