Our approach

The power of Conservation Collective is in our ability to replicate our model in new locations, to raise funding effectively and efficiently, and share knowledge and expertise across the network. As a global network we pride ourselves on removing barriers, empowering communities and getting things done.

When setting up and supporting local foundations, we will:

  1. 01
    Identify donors and raise funds (100,000 in local currency) with a commitment of at least three years, followed by ~20% annual growth.
  2. 02
    Commission a scoping study to identify the key local environmental challenges.
  3. 03
    Appoint a local Executive Director to effectively lead the organisation.
  4. 04
    Establish a Steering Committee to approve grants, direct strategy, and drive fund-raising.
  5. 05
    Provide expertise from an advisory council across various specialist technical and scientific areas.

Network benefits

We make sure that foundations are run effectively and can thrive independently, growing year on year and following a high standard of governance.

Everyone in our network receives ongoing hands-on support from our central team, benefitting in every area of their efforts…

  • Financial

    We introduce foundations to private donors, corporate partners and trusts, provide financial management and oversight, and help process UK taxpayer donations.

  • Strategic

    We help people share knowledge and expertise across the network, both in terms of conservation efforts and broader operations. And we’ve created a shared tool for impact evaluation, monitoring and learning based on our Theory of Change.

  • Operational

    Foundations have access to an extensive library of templates, policies, and guidelines, a specially designed system for managing contacts and deals, and training and professional development for local directors.

  • Communications

    We amplify local stories to a global audience via social media, digital marketing and PR, with regular events to boost fundraising, networking and awareness.