Everything we do is rooted in our three goals of:

  • Preserving, protecting, and regenerating natural habitats
  • Helping native species to thrive
  • Preventing, slowing down, and adapting to climate change.

We are based within and work with local communities, believing they are the ones with the expertise and knowledge needed to identify and address their own environmental challenges.

To support them we unlock new funding and then use it to deliver flexible grants to the most effective local NGOs, campaigns, and projects, and occasionally, where there is a strong need, we will build and deliver projects ourselves. On top of grant-making, we work with other local stakeholders including hotels, farmers and fishermen, to raise awareness, influence local government, and research much-needed environmental issues and solutions.

Education, awareness-raising and capacity building are a constant in all that we do. Where possible we look to achieve environmental regeneration alongside economic renewal, which means that alternative livelihoods and responsible tourism are common themes in almost all of the locations we work in.

We work together as a Collective, learning and sharing the results of our work as we go, improving our collective understanding of what success looks like, and as a group, raising the profile of effective local environmental action.

Our work can be divided across four main areas:

  • Land

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  • Marine

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  • Freshwater

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  • Climate

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