Argolic Environment Foundation – Farewell & 2022 projects newsletter

Pavlos Zafiropoulos, executive director of the Argolic Environment Foundation, ends his time at the AEF with an emotive farewell message and a recap of the projects funded in the last year. 

Ongoing projects:

  • Argolicorama 2022: Working with the Professional Fishers Association of Spetses, this project replicating the Cyclades Preservation Fund ‘Amorgorama’. In May of 2022, sixteen professional fishers of Spetses opted to leave their nets behind and head to sea for a different reason: to clear the more inaccessible beaches of Spetses from waste and marine litter.
  • Fisher’s tales – The Argolic oral history project: Researchers from local NGO Istorima travelled around the Argolic Gulf in the spring of 2021 interviewing professional fishers primarily about the environmental changes they have witnessed in their lifetimes.
  • Pick the Alien: Expanding iSea’s project from the Ionian and Cyclades Islands to the Argolic Gulf, encouraging local restaurants and general public to consume edible alien invasive species, which often have a negative impact on the native ecosystems they invade.
  • RePosidonia: Working with local partner iSea to map Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows around the region of Spetses using satellite imagery. The ultimate goal of the mapping is to help inform future conservation measures and promote awareness-raising campaigns to halt the destruction of this critical Mediterranean habitat.


To learn more about these projects and other initiatives and events supported by the AEF, read the full newsletter here