Conservation Collective 2022 Annual Report

The Conservation Collective 2022 annual report is out! 

2022 was another year of huge growth for Conservation Collective, in terms of money raised and team size, but also in terms of maturity. We launched new foundations, saw existing ones grow and fund, develop, scale and replicate grassroots projects around the world!

Throughout this year we found more people and businesses interested in protecting their own backyard, or wanting to support a particular environmental issue, coming to us as a route to finding great projects. Our growing credibility as a go-to partner, providing access to expertise and high-level governance in this space, makes us incredibly proud.

In 2023, we will continue with our mission of opening new channels of philanthropic funding to protect and restore nature, whilst building a participatory-led organisation designed to promote shared learnings and maximise collaboration to catalyse long-term change.

Locally led, globally impactful 

Read our 2022 Annual Report to learn more about the work that the Conservation Collective and its 20 foundations across the world accomplished last year.

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‘People can feel powerless to effect change in the face of such huge environmental challenges. But we can. And Conservation Collective proves this. Bringing like-minded people companies together with local environmental initiatives, where real positive change is happening every day’

Oliver Tomalin, founder & CEO, Love Brand & Co, and supporter of the Conservation Collective