A letter from the Cyclades and the CPF’s two year review

With love from the Cyclades...

About today. It is a sunny Friday, the first week of June, the beginning of the summer, the official countdown for a much needed, safe and relaxed holiday, the world environment day, therefore only one magic word comes into our mind for this special occasion… Cyclades!
Dreaming of this amazing, beloved place of our memories, is wonderful, but not the only thing you can do, if you really want to keep enjoying its beauty, hospitality and natural value. And that’s why we, at the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) together with our partners -today and every day- take action aiming to protect the unique Aegean treasure, preserve the fragile natural ecosystems and promote sustainable practices that benefit the environment, the communities and the local economies.
Today, we are happy issuing our 2 years CPF review.
Today, we are proud to share some of the most beautiful stories taking place on the islands, by incredible and passionate people, supercharged with our support.
Today, we celebrate the World Environment Day, with all our partners, in the Cyclades!

Enjoy reading, and please keep supporting our important cause.

The Greek summer, and the Cyclades are waiting for you!

Anni Mitroupoulou, Executive Director, Cyclades Preservation Fund