New Supporter: Coldplay

Global band supports charities tackling the climate and biodiversity crises with Nature-based Solutions 

Coldplay have chosen the Conservation Collective and the Devon Environment Foundation to feature among the Good Causes they are supporting during their 2022 Music Of The Spheres World Tour. 

Coldplay donate 10% of their income to charities and other good causes. They are particularly interested in Nature-based Solutions (NbS) that protect and restore our natural environment and drawdown carbon, helping both people and planet. 

In addition to tackling the climate and biodiversity crises, NbS provide people with much-needed inspiration, joy, and hope in these challenging times. 

The Conservation Collective is a global network of local foundations funding effective grass-roots conservation initiatives to protect the environment, restore nature and safeguard against climate change. The network leverages expertise, contacts, and funding to enable the most innovative and transformative projects delivering NbS to amplify their impact, replicate, and scale. 

The Devon Environment Foundation is one of the foundations in their network, delivering exemplary local, tangible, NbS in Devon – such as beaver reintroductions, regenerative agriculture, seaweed farming, mycelium and biochar soil remediation, coastal clean-ups, and much more! 

Coldplay’s support will enable both charities to direct more vital funds to the people on the ground tackling the most important issues of our time. 

To add your support to pioneering grassroots NbS around the world, make a donation to the Conservation Collective, or for Devon-based projects, make a donation to the Devon Environment Foundation. We are very grateful for any support you can give.