Partnership with the Edmiston Foundation

PRESS RELEASE: 14th October 2021

The Conservation Collective (CC) is entering into a new partnership with the Edmiston Foundation, an initiative formed by leading luxury yacht brokerage Edmiston. The foundation, formed in 2020 will focus on two initiatives – environmental issues specifically relating to the ocean, and employment opportunities for young people within the maritime sector.

The Edmiston Foundation will directly support five of the Conservation Collective’s local foundations’ marine projects across the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Each project was chosen based on its potential to restore and regenerate marine biodiversity and to protect crucial carbon capturing habitats. By supporting these programmes, Edmiston and its clients will contribute to improving the long-term health of the oceans they continue to enjoy.

The five projects which Edmiston will support are:

  • Sea turtle conservation and associated livelihoods project in St Vincent (St Vincent & the Grenadines) 
  • Promoting sustainable small-scale fisheries and reducing illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the Balearics (Spain)
  • ‘Posidonia Alert’– protecting the Mediterranean’s precious carbon storing seagrass by in Cyclades (Greece)
  • Pick the Alien– tackling alien invasive species through gastronomy in the Ionian (Greece)
  • ProjectDigifish – enhancing marine protection potential through the digitisation of tracking recreational fishing vessels in Barbados


Ben Goldsmith, Founder of the Conservation Collective said, “Everywhere you look there are brilliant people working to create positive environmental change. Small amounts of funding, strategically directed, can supercharge this work. With the support of Edmiston, our Caribbean and Mediterranean foundations can amplify the impact of marine projects allowing Edmiston’s clients to directly experience the positive results.”

Through this partnership, the CC hopes to support Edmiston in becoming a model of responsible yachting. The network is looking forward to raising awareness throughout the partnership about the importance of sustainability measures aligned with its areas of interest, from protecting seagrass, to reducing single use plastics and buying local sustainable produce.

Jamie Edmiston, CEO of Edmiston, said “Many of us have been fortunate enough to have wonderful experiences connected to the marine world. Our relationship with the ocean makes it our responsibility to support change to rectify, protect and educate current and future generations on environmental issues that impact the world around us. Via our partnership with the Conservation Collective, The Edmiston Foundation will fund locally-focused initiatives in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, providing support for projects for which we have great affection”.

The Conservation Collective’s and the Edmiston Foundation both want to see clean air, unspoiled beaches, pristine waters, and intact natural habitats. Together they will engage stakeholders who share in this desire, encouraging them to develop their appreciation for local marine nature and help to protect it.


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