The LEF Story – Lanka Environment Fund’s Latest Brochure

The Lanka Environment Fund has recently released a new brochure which is available to view or download below. The brochure summarises the issues LEF is tackling and what projects it’s supporting in the process. It also includes testimonials, like the one below, from project partners about the vital support they have received from the LEF.

“Obtaining the LEF grant has allowed us to scale up one of our conservation concepts of identifying key wildlife corridors and refuges for collaborative landscape conservation in Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands. The flexibility of this grant also enabled WWCT to act quickly in addressing, via outreach, the unfortunate situation of increased wire snaring on this fragmented tea estate landscape, which caused numerous leopard deaths in the pandemic hit year of 2020. It is grants such as these that enable small organizations like ours to continue with our on ground research for conservation work, and helps to make a sustainable impact where it matters”. 

Anjali Watson, Lead Researcher with the Wilderness & Wildlife Conservation Trust