Travel Insider Podcast by Charitable Travel – An environmental guide to Greece

The Conservation Collective is a ‘Good-Causes’ partner of holiday-making, social enterprise, Charitable Travel 


As part of this partnership, clients booking holidays with Charitable Travel will have the option to make a free donation as part of the booking process to the Conservation Collective or any of its local foundations.

Moreover, as part of their commitment to spread the word about the CC’s mission, Charitable Travel featured Anni Mitropoulou and Victoria Turner – executive directors of the Cyclades Preservation Fund and the Ionian Environment Foundation respectively – in their Travel Insider Podcast. 

On this episode, Anni and Victoria showcase some of the local, grassroots, environmental initiatives they are supporting in their regions to help protect, preserve and regenerate Greece’s natural beauty. They also share some tips for tourists to travel more sustainably across Greece, including best practices for recyclingreducing plastic consumption, and avoiding seagrass damage from boat anchors.


In Anni’s inspiring words: ‘nature is not only a place to visit, nature is home’.

Find out more about the Conservation Collective x Charitable Travel partnership here