Tuscany Environment Foundation summer newsletter

Celebrating one year of the Tuscany Environment Foundation – over €60,000 disbursed into environmental, grassroots initiatives!

Existing grants rundown:

  • TartAmare – turtle conservation & awareness-raising project
  • Marevivo Blue Island – collection of discarded ghost fish nets on Giglio’s seabed
  • MAPAT – Monitoring the mammals of Tuscany’s protected areas
  • X:Polli:nation – Awareness raising of the crucial role of pollinators & citizen science
  • Monk seals – Partnering with BlueMarine to track their return to Tuscany and work on a Tuscany archipelago MPA network
  • Restoring the Tuscan watershed – A 4-day series of workshops in November this year where TEF will be bringing the world’s leading expert on watershed restoration, Zach Weiss of Elemental Ecosystems to talk exclusively about his remarkable work around the world and how it can be applied to the Tuscan increasingly water-deprived landscape. Keep your eyes peeled for the sign up invitation!


For a more detailed explanation of the projects and updates from TEF, read the full newsletter here!


Golden jackal (Canis aureus) spotted by MAPAT project