CLEAN UPS with Depeche Mode & Hublot

Our partnership with Hublot and Depeche Mode is on a mission to tackle global plastic pollution at the grassroots. The projects fit into three overarching categories. This category is Clean Ups

The Clean-Up category covers projects that help nature thrive by reducing plastic pollution. These include:


  •  Devon Environment FoundationTill the Coast is Clear (UK): Recovering plastic pollution from hard-to-reach locations on the South Devon coast using motor vessels and kayaks made from recycled fishing nets through a dedicated volunteer network.
  •  Lanka Environment Fund Cleaner Seabeds (Sri Lanka): one of Sri Lanka’s first large-scale efforts through volunteer dive expeditions to remove marine litter (mostly fishing gear) from the reefs.


  • Highlands & Islands Environment Foundation Beachwatch H&I (Scotland): Conducting 100 beach clean-ups annually, and training Scottish Island Federation members on the analysis of marine litter and distribution patterns across the mainland and islands, to influence marine pollution legislation.