PLASTIC FREE with Depeche Mode & Hublot

Our partnership with Hublot and Depeche Mode is on a mission to tackle global plastic pollution at the grassroots. The projects fit into three overarching categories. This category is Plastic Free

The Plastic-Free category covers projects that reduce single-use and other plastic waste by engaging businesses, providing sustainable alternatives and through campaigning and education. These include:




  • Menorca Preservation Plastic-Free Menorca (Spain): Launched in 2020, the Plastic-Free Menorca Alliance combats plastic pollution by upcycling plastic waste and fishing gear, certifying businesses, and providing tools for a plastic-free future. 
  • Cyclades Preservation Fund Me & My Plastic (Greece): Providing school children of the Cyclades islands with plastic pollution educational materials and activities, while encouraging students and teachers to take action for a more sustainable future. 
  • Tuscany Environment Foundation BlueFishers (Italy): Substituting highly polluting polystyrene fish boxes with EU approved reusable polyethene ones. This initiative is being piloted on over 50 small fishing vessels in Viareggio. 



  • Mallorca PreservationPlastic Free Mallorca (Spain): An umbrella project of three action plans working to reduce plastics in agriculture, raise awareness, and promote direct action by volunteers. Features include plastic mulching made of potato starch-based biofilm that is 100% biodegradable.
  • Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation  – Plastic Free Dalmatian Islands (Croatia): Working to reduce and reuse plastic waste in the Dugi Otok Island, at the intersection between the tourist sector and protected areas.
  • Turquoise Coast Environment Fund – Plastic Free Shores (Turkey): Working with beach visitors to reduce single-use and disposable plastic usage on the shores of Antalya while training local hotels and hospitality businesses on plastic-free alternatives.
  • Sicily Environment Fund – Unpacked Shopping (Italy): Establishing a community of businesses that avoid product packaging and promote the use of reusable or consumer-owned containers instead.