Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation Executive Summary

The Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation (DIEF) is being set up to protect and restore nature along the coastal, terrestrial, and marine ecosystems of the Dalmatian coast, Croatia. 


A scoping study was commissioned by the Conservation Collective to local environmental consultant Marko Pecarevic to assess the environmental and conservation needs and priorities, and social and economic contexts of the region.

The following thematic areas of work in which DIEF will focus were identified:

  • Biodiversity and Habitat Conservation
  • Regenerative Land Use
  • Sustainable Development and Resource Management

The document also identifies the key environmental actors in the region and the role of DIEF among them.

Below, you can download the executive summary of the scoping report, but should you be interested in the full version, it can be made available upon request.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Watch this space for more news regarding the upcoming Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation!