Turquoise Coast Environment Fund launch

PRESS RELEASE: 20th June 2022


Turquoise Coast Environment Fund Turkey launches to support marine biodiversity and coastal conservation by funding nature regeneration  

The Turquoise Coast Environment Fund aims to Protect and Restore Turkey’s Coastal Environment and Increase Biodiversity while Benefitting the Local Economy 


Turquoise Coast Environment Fund (TCEF) Turkey – branch of Ben Goldsmith’s environmental UK charity, the Conservation Collective – is launched to protect and restore Turkey’s natural habitats by channeling vital funding from businesses and philanthropists to Turkey’s most effective grassroots environmental projects.  


Turkey has a wide array of habitats and species, making it one of the most biodiverse countries in its geographical zone. It also has a rich marine biodiversity with the presence of endangered species like the Mediterranean monk seal and the loggerhead marine turtle.  Nonetheless, Turkey faces a broad range of environmental pressures derived from population growth; tourism and coastal developments; overfishing and illegal fishing; overall effects of industrial and maritime transportation activities such as pollution and eutrophication; climate change; and invasive alien species.  


Currently, existing funding directly available for local conservation initiatives is very limited. Under the umbrella of the Conservation Collective, the Turquoise Coast Environment Fund (TCEF) is set up to respond to this urgent need. TCEF aims to fund and deliver projects to preserve, protect, and regenerate natural environments in coastal and marine areas of Turkey.  


Ben Goldsmith, Founder of the Conservation Collective said, “Everywhere you look there are brilliant people working to create positive environmental change. Small amounts of funding, strategically directed, can supercharge this work.” 


The TCEF is based on the proven and successful model of the Conservation Collective – a global network of 17 local foundations funding effective grass-roots conservation initiatives to protect the environment, restore nature and safeguard against climate change. 


Upon commission by the Conservation Collective, TCEF completed a scoping study about the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Drawing on past and recent studies of the area, key marine and coastal ecosystems were assessed, and the main environmental issues identified. Based on this study, the new fund will fund projects and support groups working to preserve, protect, and regenerate Turkey’s native species and habitats, both on land and at sea.   


Can Koseoglu, Chair of TCEF, and Founder of Esas Holding said,It is prime time to give precedence to the coasts in Turkey. There are many people who are passionate about the state of the environment and care for nature at their local surroundings in coastal regions of Turkey. We believe that we can make a real impact by building partnerships between projects, local people and funders to meet the urgent need for turquoise coasts.” 


Ergem Senyuva, Steering Committee Member of TCEF, one of the cofounders and trustees of UK-based Turkey Mozaik Foundation, said “”Environmental conservation is one of the core areas of focus for Turkey Mozaik Foundation and we strongly believe in the power of partnerships. We are excited to be entering our partnership with Conservation Collective to continue to promote and drive local innovative approaches aiming to address the many environmental challenges that lie ahead 


The TCEF welcomes donations and involvement from individuals and businesses and encourages local environmental projects to apply for grants. The TCEF, as a branch of the Conservation Collective, will work in partnership with Support Foundation for Civil Society (STDV) as a local regranting partner in Turkey, using its local expertise and governance to support the process of selecting the best grassroots conservation initiatives protecting and restoring nature across the western and southern in-shore marine environments and coastal communities.TCEF launches first round of grant applications in June 2022, the fund aims to support five to ten projects this year in cooperation with the local NGOs actively working in the region.  


Aysegul Cil, Executive Director of the TCEF saidTurkish Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts are still incredibly beautiful and attractive, even though there are constant pressures on the resources of land and sea, with urbanized coastal towns along with summer houses built along the coast. We take so much from nature as granted, now it is time give back to nature and make our best efforts to protect, preserve and restore with direct funding for practical implementation on-ground! With the TCEF we commit to make this happen! 


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