Green Cycladic stories worth sharing

Sustainability & Nature conservation as the new normal

As we gradually move deeper into Autumn and summer becomes a sweet memory, we’re taking the opportunity to take stock of all the extraordinary initiatives that have taken place over the last few months, despite the difficult challenges of the times. Our latest highlights include:

  • our ongoing #PlasticFreeCyclades movement, specifically on the islands of Paros, Andros, Amorgos and Syros where our local partners fight against single-use plastics through dedicated and inspiring community activities;
  • the island of Naxos, where the local wildlife protection association continues its remarkable efforts to save injured sea turtles and promote a regional network for their protection
  • our beloved Santorini, leading our dynamic campaign against the alien (non-native) invasive species that threaten our marine ecosystem and economy.

Some more key updates include: the ‘exotic’ seafood delivery experience in Athens to raise funds and awareness about alien invasive species; a TV production team interviewing some of our local partners in Paros and Antiparos, press coverage and participation in online events.

Please join us in helping to spread the word, keep up to date about our work and support us, if possible.

Let’s work together to promote sustainability and nature conservation as the new normal, in the difficult time of a global pandemic.