Ibiza Preservation Foundation 2018 Annual Report



The IPF was born in 2008 out of concern for the unsustainable development of the islands. Three friends, Will Aitken, Ben Goldsmith and Serena Cook, created the fund to preserve the Ibiza they love and give something back to the island.

Initially supported by The Ecology Trust, a charity established by the Goldsmith family, the IPF became an independent Spanish entity, Fundación para la Conservación de Ibiza y Formentera, in 2015 to grow stronger roots on the islands.

Ibiza and Formentera’s popularity as a tourist destination has seen the rapid urbanisation of coastal areas, a growing demand for natural resources such as water, the loss of crucial habitats for threatened species, the destruction of Posidonia meadows, an abandonment of farming and an increase in waste generation and energy consumption.

To address these social and environmental challenges, over the past 10 years the IPF has worked with partners and funded projects to protect the land and sea, commissioned studies to engage the community and promote change, and established alliances to strengthen local voices on critical issues such as oil exploration and water management.

We do this so future generations can also love, enjoy and prosper from Ibiza and Formentera’s pristine seas and marine species, fertile soils and landscape mosaics, unique biodiversity and exceptional, natural beauty.

Join us today to make the next 10 years of preserving Ibiza and Formentera an even greater success.