Local Heroes – Ibiza Produce

This week our Local Hero is Gaby from Ibiza Produce. Ibiza Produce is an initiative supported by IbizaPreservation, we spoke to Gaby about her work and why it’s so important.

Can you tell us a bit more about Ibiza Produce?

The project is a platform (and ongoing campaign) created to encourage the continued cultivation of the land of  Ibiza, including the recuperation of abandoned farmland, and provide access to, and support for, local farmers and producers. 

What was the inspiration behind Ibiza Produce?

The impetus for Ibiza Produce resulted from a year-long study of the local market, consumer habits and interviews with farmers. It became obvious that people in Ibiza want to buy local produce and products and give back to the island but that the issue was in distribution, labelling and awareness. Our role is to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. 
How has IbizaPreservation helped you?  

IbizaPreservation is well established and  well reputed on the island. This enabled the project to gain respect and attention from the get go, particularly in the media, as well as in the farming community. The foundation provides support with communications, access to funds and a wider network. 

What more do you need for your project to be a success or what is the  
biggest challenge you face?

TIME is probably the major limiting factor. The project can be so vast in that it ranges from education of  future farmers right through to distribution of the final product. Each stage is a project unto itself. And each farmer or land owner has his/her own vision with their particular needs. For this we would need to grow a team with each member focused on one aspect of food or agriculture. 

My utopia would be for farms to become gastronomic destinations with their own café, deli and farm shop offering a range of foods from their farm, however, this would require serious government lobbying at Balearic and possibly national level since the current legal framework prohibits food activities on farms (other than wine-tasting or cheese-tasting). 
Do you have any advice for our readers?

As an Ayurveda coach and chef, I feel  drawn to nature, the farmers who tend the land and the fruits of their  labour – fresh organic produce. This is my way of honouring Mother  Nature and giving back. Every time we shop we are making a choice that  
will impact our wellbeing, the local economy and our planet’s health…so CHOOSE WISELY  🙂 
Make sure you check out Ibiza Produce:
web – www.ibizaproduce.org 


Thank you so much to Gaby for telling us more about Ibiza Produce and for all the work she is doing to ensure a sustainable future for the island. Thank you also to our partner Naturisimo, who has helped us create this series and give our ‘Local Heroes’ the recognition they deserve!