Barbados Sea Turtle Project, Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust

Local Partner: Barbados Sea Turtle Project

Marine turtles lay their eggs on the beach and are vulnerable to intensive human coastal activities, especially poaching and light pollution. For this reason, when the Barbados Sea Turtle project – the oldest and most reputed marine turtle conservation programme in Barbados – lost its main source of funding, the Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust made it its mission to ensure the continuation of their work. In 2021 The Barbados Sea Turtle Project rescued over 63,000 critically endangered hawksbill hatchlings during the hatching season, recorded 465 nesting females and 100 special needs turtles in the turtle ICU. Currently, they are fundraising $100,000 to sustain operational costs of the project and calling for volunteers to help with the monitoring of the nesting turtles and hatchlings on the beach.