Accelerated natural regeneration of mangroves, Lanka Environment Fund

Local Partner:  The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS)

Mangrove ecosystems are highly effective carbon sinks – sequestering large amounts of carbon while also acting as vital barriers against dramatic climate events like storms and sea-level rise. They also provide important ecosystem services like nurseries for aquatic species, water purification, and supporting artisanal livelihoods. Along Sri Lanka’s north-western coastlines, approximately 70% of mangroves have been lost to the creation of aquaculture projects; many of which lay abandoned now. To regenerate degraded mangrove habitats, and restore the coastal belt of its mangrove cover, the Lanka Environment Fund has provided funding to purchase research tools needed for the scientifically sound restoration to be conducted, and is working in collaboration with Wildlife and Nature Protection Society towards strengthening infrastructure and knowledge dissemination about Sri Lanka’s mangrove ecosystems.