Save Erimitis Telegraph Article

“Does Corfu really need another tourist resort if the price to pay is the loss of Erimitis?” 

Erimitis is one of the last remaining pristine headlands of Corfu and home to an incredible array of biodiversity, wetlands and other habitats of ecological value, however it is about to be destroyed to make room for infrastructure development. Since January, workers have already uprooted historic pathways, built a road across the beach of a protected wetland and destroyed decades-old vegetation to begin landscaping.

This Telegraph article features excerpts from a letter from Lee Durell, imploring the Greek government to call off the destruction of this natural haven. The Save Erimitis campaign is run by the Ionian Environment Foundation to prevent unsustainable development and raise awareness of the potential impacts of Erimitis’ destruction.


Please read this article and stand behind the campaign to preserve Erimitis.