Seeking Consultant for Antigua & Barbuda Environment Foundation

Seeking a Consultant for new Antigua & Barbuda Environment Foundation
Conservation Collective (CC) is a global network of 20 local environmental foundations dedicated to protecting the environment, restoring nature, and combating climate change. As a UK-based charity, CC incubates, launches, and supports locally focused foundations, unlocking new funding channels for impactful grassroots environmental projects.
CC is expanding its network by establishing the Antigua & Barbuda Environment Foundation (ABEF), aimed at preserving and enhancing the natural beauty, biodiversity, and ecosystems of Antigua & Barbuda. ABEF will act as a funding body, channelling resources from private donors, corporations, trusts, and foundations to support grassroots conservation initiatives in Antigua & Barbuda. This will be the third Caribbean-based foundation, joining sister members St Vincent & the Grenadines Environment Fund and the Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust.

Conservation Collective and a group of funders with strong connection to Antigua & Barbuda are looking for a consultant to conduct a comprehensive scoping report to understand the conservation needs and the civil society landscape in Antigua & Barbuda, to form the basis of a grant-giving strategy. The model’s value add is to create a neutral platform to build alliances with local stakeholders, foster cross-sector collaborations and turbo-charge the impact of local communities working to protect and restore nature at the grassroots.

The scoping report should be composed of three main elements: 
  1. Overview of the environmental landscape of Antigua & Barbuda: what are the key challenges, priorities and opportunities?
  2. Positioning Piece: Conducting interviews with environmental NGOs as well as grassroots organisations active in the area, documenting key needs, opportunities, and challenges.
  3. Feasibility Study: with Conservation Collective, identifying donors with connections to or interest in Antigua & Barbuda. Determine current funding sources of key conservation projects on the islands.
Consultant Requirements: 


  • Local resident or well-integrated in the area with excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Proactive, highly organised self-starter with an entrepreneurial approach.
  • Strong connections with government, policymakers, and businesses.
  • In-depth understanding of/experience working with key NGOs operating in the region.
  • Background working in the environmental sector or relevant studies.
Successful scoping studies can lead to being considered for the role of the Executive Director of the new organisation, this role is split 50/50 between grant making and fund raising. Fund administration and communications are also handled by this individual, with the support of the steering committee and the Conservation Collective.
Attached is the job description and the scoping report contents overview.
Please apply to with a CV and cover note