Sicily Environment Fund Brochure

Sicily Environment Fund Informative Brochure


The Sicily Environment Fund, launched in December 2022, presents its areas of interest for supporting environmental projects in Sicily.

About the Fund

SEF was established to raise funds from people and businesses, locally and internationally, with strong connections to Sicily, to support the most effective grassroots environmental initiatives, campaigns, and projects working to sustain the diverse natural assets of the region.

About Sicily

Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean. The archipelago includes 14 smaller inhabited islands and three active volcanoes.

Areas of Interest 

  • Marine Biodiversity: Reducing the impacts of overfishing, Unreported, Unregulated and Illegal fishing, Marine Protected Areas
  • Terrestrial Biodiversity: Restoration, regeneration and reintroduction of native species, fire prevention
  • Sustainable Food Systems: Capacity building for farmers, winemakers, working on agroecology
  • Ecological Transition: Responsible waste management, promoting water security, ecotourism.

Contact Information


Email: Gaia Agnello, Executive Director:

Instagram: @sicilyenvironment

Twitter: @sicily_enviro

LinkedIn: Sicily Environment Fund


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