Cyclades Preservation Fund Green Volunteers webinar series

This year the ‘Cyclades Green Volunteers’ program is offering four webinars for anyone who wants to make a difference through small or big acts of service in the Cyclades. 


From seeing a dolphin and reporting it through an online form, to visiting a business that is reducing plastic use, join this webinar series to learn from a buffet of exciting projects, with take-away practical actions that you can use on the islands and, more broadly, across the entire Mediterranean.

This webinar series will draw together numerous project experts from our network, and beyond, to explore themes and teach participants about the actions we can all take in the Cyclades to enliven ecological efforts and support Cycladic nature.

Covering four themes to do with the sea, the land, ecological tourism, and local participation, the aim is to let our collaborating experts share their knowledge and experience with anyone who is visiting or living on the Cyclades and to offer practical actions and simple dos and don’ts.


Upcoming webinars

Local Participation: Respecting the place you live in.

Wednesday 15/03/23, 16:00-19:00 EET (Greek time)

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Be an eco-visitor: Giving back to the islands that you love

Wednesday 29/03/23, 16:00-19:00 EET (Greek time)

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Past sessions

On the Sea: This webinar focused on the marine programme of the Cyclades Preservation Fund and the materials available to the public to turbocharge their impact.

Cyclades Posidonia Alert: Raising awareness about boat anchoring best practices and the protection of Posidonia seagrass in the Cyclades


Pick the Alien: Encouraging consumption of edible invasive species having a detrimental effect on native ecosystems and species

  • Recipe book with edible invasive species
  • Responsible seafood consumption guide
  • List of restaurants serving edible invasive species in the region
  • Citizen science tool to log invasive species sightings


Marine turtle conservation: Conservation and rescue of loggerhead marine turtles